Why does professional detailing cost so much?

The truth is, not all detailing is the same and not all customers really want detailing, they simply want a clean vehicle. A gas station can offer very low rates because they do it very quickly and use poor quality products.  This is not detailing because there is no attention to detail. Typically within a week after, your car looks back to the way it was. A mobile detailer can offer a great level of convenience, but can't always bring every tool to do the job correctly.  Detailing a vehicle at a specialized location is often the best way to go.
Products - Higher quality products cost much more. We carry over 100 products and are the only official Griot's Garage Detailer in Virginia which means we have access to even more knowledge and products.
Labor - Detailing is very labor intensive.  It takes a lot of man hours to go through and inspect each part of the vehicle and make sure you are using the correct product on each material throughout the car.
We work with our customers showing them a list of services we offer on vehicles to help select the best options for their needs.  This creates a winning scenario for us as a business and more importantly, you as the customer.

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