Detailing – Interior Services

We offer extensive interior detailing with options that apply to your vehicle's specific needs.  Here are a few of the more common services:


Vacuum - Starting with the basics we will vacuum all of the flooring, seats and instrument panels before using our other tools to finish dust and debris removal.

Carpet Extractor - Carpets take a lot of abuse from us, our friends, family and pets. A professional extractor uses a cleaning solution and high heat to lift debris and odors that a vacuum can not do.

Leather Conditioning - Soft leather is happy leather, but leather can fade and harden over time. We can restore the natural look, feel and scent of your leather.


Rubber Mats - A pet peeve amongst professional detailers is seeing "detailers" who apply Armor all to everything making the surfaces oddly shiny and slippery. This is a big no no especially when it comes to the rubber around your gas, brake and clutch pedals. We use a special rubber cleaner to restore the rubber and keep our customers safe.

Odor Elimination - For the odors that are really stubborn such as from cigarettes we offer a service that uses Chlorine Dioxide vapors to help eliminate them permanently.

Air Filtration - We can install Bosch HEPA cabin air filters which filter down to 99.97% at .3 microns. That's enough filtration to filter COVID-19, pollen and many other things that bother our bodies.