Detailing – Ceramic Coating


Ceramic coating, what is it?

Essentially a chemically bonded hard shell, a ceramic coating will prevent water stains, road grime, bird droppings, and other substances from reaching and harming the paint.

Why do I need it?

Ceramic coating should be considered when you want to spend less time maintaining your paint and more time enjoying it.  It will increase gloss while adding a layer of protection. Unlike waxes and other sealants, ceramic coatings can last several years. Crystal Serum Light comes with a 5 year guarantee.  Upgrade to Crystal Serum Ultra for an unbeatable 9 YEARS of guaranteed protection.

when should it be used?

We recommend having it applied immediately after purchasing your vehicle.  This will help ensure your vehicle is protected quickly before more damage has been done to the vehicle's surface.  If an extended period of time goes by without protection, it will take longer and be more costly to fix that damage before applying the ceramic coating.

What are the differences in products?

There are a lot of products on the market that say ceramic on the label, but that does not mean its a true ceramic and it will not offer any considerable amount of protection.  As a GTECHNIQ accredited detailer, we use Crystal Serum Light which has a 5 year guarantee and we now offer Crystal Serum Ultra which is backed with a 9 YEAR guarantee. We provide the comparison chart above to help you decide on which products will work best for you.

Why does it cost so much? 

The ceramic coating products are not overly expensive themselves.  The higher price is due to the amount of labor and products it takes to get your paint ready for the ceramic coating.  It's hours of cleaning, correcting and preparing so the coating will bond to the paint surface correctly and also to provide the best visual results. You're also paying for the years of experience and training we have so you can trust we will do the job right the first time.

The products we use:

Check out the GTECHNIQ ceramic coating products we use above to determine what matches your goals to protect your investment: