Detailing – Services


We offer extensive interior detailing with options that apply to your specific needs.  Here are a few of the more common:


Vacuum - Starting with the basics we will vacuum all of the flooring, seats and instrument panels before using other tools to finish dust and debris removal.

Carpet Shampoo - Carpets take a lot of abuse from us, friends, family and pets. A deep shampoo lifts debris and odors out of the carpet that no vacuum can.

Leather Conditioning - Soft leather is happy leather, but leather can fade and harden over time.  We can restore the natural look, feel and scent of your leather.


We are the only Griot's Garage detailer in Virginia so we have their full lineup of products at our disposal to get the job started, but we don't stop there.  We utilize many products that we have tested and compared in the search for the best products to provide the best services.  Some of them include:


Foam Bath - It's like taking your vehicle to the spa. A foam bath will let gravity remove a lot of grime from the paint instead of pressure from water which can push the particles across the paint.


Bug and Tar Removal - If you are close enough to be our customer, you have bugs on your car.  We have specialized products to get rid of the bugs and tar without harming your paint or clear coat.


Wheels and Tires - We use a combination of 3 different products to get your wheels and tires clean and protected.

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Clay - Even a new car arriving at a dealership to be sold will have contaminants on the paint from the trains used to move them. If your car is new or old we can start by removing all debris before getting in to correcting and protecting your paint.

Polish (Paint/Chrome) - People call them swirl marks, spider webbing or towel marks but we call them ugly.  If your paint has the typical swirl marks caused by automatic car washes or  using dirty towels we can remove them.  Before using any of our extensive lineup of polishes we measure your paint thickness to make sure we can remove those pesky marks and make your paint look great from all angles.

Wax - Detailing isn't just about cleaning, it's about protecting your investment and making it easier to maintain. We have MANY wax options for various paints, clear coat, and lacquers to make sure you get the best for your vehicle.